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Frontrun is back and
part of Queer Games Cologne
on 19 August 2023

Online registration will exclusively be possible via the Queer Games Cologne,
Detailed informationen on Frontrun 2023
Summary of Frontrun @ Queer Games Cologne
Date: August 19
Time: 13:00 Uhr
Registration and short term registration (if start positions are available): up to 12:15 am
Meeting point: in the forest of Cologne
Fees: 15 Euros per participant (onliine registration), 18 Euros (short term registration).
We are organizing a 5 km and a 10 km run as well as a 5 km run for pairs or groups. Start for all runs will be at the same time.
If you take part in the 5 km run for pairs, you run jointly at the same time a track of 5 km with your partner. You have to reach the finishing line jointly holding your hands.
There will be an evaluation of the 10km run in the categories women, men and divers as well as an evaluation of the 5km pairs run in the categories woman/woman, man/man, divers/divers and mix.
Track information
The track runs in the forest of Cologne. For the 10km run the track has to be done 2 times.
Time measurement and track precision
The running time will be measured manually using a measurement-software and hand watches, the track is manually measured as well.
Any runner who likes to take part is welcome! It is of no significance whether you are gay or straight or what age you are…
To organize the Frontrun we need a lot of volunteers, for example to mark the track or to install our facilities. If you want to help us please write an email (see contact)! Thank you!
Meeting point
Meeting point will be published here.
Registration on the premises
Before the run you have to register to obtain your start number. This registration is possible until 12.15 am.
Short term registration
Short term registration is possible on the day of the run from 11.30 am to 12.15 pm, only if start positions are still available. The participation fee will be then 18 Euros per person.
The winner of all runs will be awarded.
Drinks and snacks
During the run water will be provided. After the run fruit and for a small donation cakes are available. Cake donations are welcome!
Sanitary facilities
Will be anounced here.
We will offer a warderobe to put your luggage during the run. There is no liability for your stuff.
Some days later results will be published here on the internet.
Latest information and changes
Latest information and changes are published on this website.
Hosted housing
For those who need to travel the Frontrunners Cologne plan to offer a hosted housing. Details will be published here.
Any questions?
If you have any questions please write an email, see contact.
Terms and conditions

... can be found here: Teilnahmebedingungen
Photos and results of former frontruns

Results and photos can be found here: photos & results
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