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No training during lockdown
During the lockdown there is no training.
Beginner's course
At easter there will be the decision if the beginner's course could take place.
Meeting time and location of our weekly running group
We are starting Mondays and Wednesdays at 7.00pm – rain or shine!
Meeting point:
In front of the foyer of the gym of the Humanwissenschaftlichen Fakultät (north side, entrance Danteweg, at parking lot), HF-Gebäude 216d, Gronewaldstr. 2, 50931 Köln
Reached by public transport KVB: Tram#1, #7 or #9, stop “Universitätsstr.”
Google-Link: Exact meeting location
We start running at 7.00pm sharp. Your valuables and bags can only be stored in cars of other runners.
We run rain or shine; running on holidays is arranged on a case by case basis.
The training routine
At the meeting point we introduce ourselves, share important information and break into groups. These smaller groups are based on the desires of the individuals: fast, slow, longer/shorter distances, etc.
Training levels
We are runners of different levels, some of us are interested in competition while others are interested simply in running for fun. After stretching those who have the same level and interest run together. Most of us are running 12km in about 1:15hr (stretching included). There are smaller groups that run shorter or longer distances based on skill level.
We have no trainer. However, if somebody has specific training goals, we will hopefully work together to make these goals a reality!
Running trails
The trail starts at the gym of the HF (parking lot) and continues along the so called “Rautenstrauchkanal” into the forest (“Stadtwald”). After stretching at the edge of the forest we cross the “Militärring” close to an animal reserve and then follow our way towards the stadium, further on we pass by the “Jahnwiesen/AdenauerWeiher” and head towards “DecksteinerWeiher” by crossing “Dürener Str.” and rail tracks of tram line #7. On our way back we run along “Decksteiner Weiher” on the opposite side and follow the way to where we started.
Shortcuts can be made on many occasions, so distances of 6km, 9km, 10km, 12km, 15km or 18km are possible. The longer distances include the shorter ones.
The trails are about 30% asphalt and about 70% earthen.
You can see a map of the running trails here.
Professional training
During spring and summer time we offer a professional training to improve running skills. This training is dedicated to members of the SC Janus.
Are you interested?
If you are interested to run with us we would love you to come along! Just come to the meeting point and run with us! It does not matter wether you're straight, lesbian, gay, bi, transgender.
At the beginning it is not necessary to be a active member of “SC Janus e.V.” sports club.
We are looking forward to seeing you!
If you have any questions: please talk to us under "contact".
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